HELLO! My name is Cinder!!

i am a young audhd queer artist who likes a lot of stuff!

as you can see here, i'm currently working on html coding! surprisingly (not very surprised) its kinda hard so that is an explanation for the state of the site right now-- im just a beginner! be paitent with me and I'll make a lot of cool and epic stuff to look at. For now tho, I have some cool stuff linked to keep you entertained! You can click on one of the links above to see some of my art, stuff I rant about, and more! (rn they are not working but eventually they will be!)

please keep in mind this is a WIP website and everything is subject to change! idk what i wanna do with this but it will be something and when i'm more fluent in hmtl it'll defo look a lot better lol, just ignore how shitty this looks,, its really just a modge-podge of ideas until i get this stuff figured out (probably will become either a reigen or a jerma fanapage at one point, no promises)

for now though this is all